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“My yoga class with Ivette was simply amazing! She did an excellent job assessing my level and customizing the class accordingly. I loved and very much appreciated that she worked with me on poses on which I wanted to work and also challenged me with new ones. Ivette’s attentiveness, intuition, positive energy, and expertise are just some of the qualities that make her such a wonderful instructor. I didn’t want my class with her to end! I can still feel how incredible shavasana felt, leaving me relaxed and rejuvenated.” Neda L., Attorney ~ Miami

“I never liked yoga until I met Ivette. A few private classes with her and I am simply in love! I enjoy my classes and feel great. Ivette is a great teacher extremely professional, pleasant, patient and very motivating. I see myself “hooked” for a long time with ivetteyoga and recommend everyone to try her! Thank you Ivette!” ~ Sima, Operations Manager, Aventura

I work with Ivette for privates and also attend classes she holds. In both settings she is fantastic! She is patient and understanding, while pushing you to be your best. I am always at ease during my sessions and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. While my life is filled with high stress, I look forward to meeting with Ivette each week to escape my everyday life for a bit to reconnect with my body and feel enlightened. I highly recommend working with Ivette and seeing what you can achieve with her practice!” ~ Alie, Law Student, UM, Miami

“I take private lessons with Ivette and I am very impressed! She is a very positive, uplifting yoga instructor and nutritionist. She is deeply knowledgeable about the technical elements of a yoga practice, and gives you confidence that you can meet her challenge on the mat. I love working with her!” ~ Emily,  HR Manager, Coral Gables

“Ivette, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I love your candlelight yoga class! Your positive energy fills the yoga room while practicing, encouraging with compassion and love to try new asanas and get deeper into the more familiar ones. I feel relaxed and at the same time very confident after practicing with you, and have this feeling with me also when taking classes with other teachers. Can’t wait to practice with you again!” ~ Silvia, Miami

“I just wanted to drop a quick email to thank you for last night’s candlelight yoga class. For the last 2 month’s I’m having trouble sleeping for many reasons, and finally last night I had a good night’s rest. I feel very good today and I’m looking forward to your next class. Thanks again Ivette for your wonderful class and for your kind words !” ~ Adriana, Miami Beach

“My family and I turned Ivette’s yoga class into a family event.  I never once felt awkward or out of place in the class.  Although it was my first Yoga class, Ivette made me feel awesome about being there! She helped me every step of the way while making sure the rest of the class wasn’t neglected in any way. I finally felt good, I was active again”!!!  I felt awesome! I followed Ivette’s direction, I watched how my step daughter and wife were enjoying themselves as well. It was an all-around great experience.  My back feels better and I’m not as stiff as I’ve been in months. I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked! I felt at ease all day and my mind was at rest. I’m looking forward to the next class with Ivette – she’s awesome! I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, caring and passionate yoga instructor. Thank you so much ivetteyoga and see you at the next one!” ~ Carmelo (Melo), Business Owner, Miami

“I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and have taken many classes, and I can honestly say that I loved taking Ivette’s class at Athleta.  She was able to assist beginners while challenging the more experienced students.  I love how she truly combines the practice of yoga through the mind, body, and spirit.  I felt challenged, energized, and I was able to maintain a zen state-of-mind throughout my day.  I look forward to attending more of her classes.” ~ Nancy, Miami

“I just had the pleasure of taking Ivette’s yoga class at Dharma Studio one evening. She was able to work with varying levels among the participants by taking the time to guide the beginners while also adding some challenge for the more advanced students. I consider myself to be intermediate so it was a perfect blend! Ivette is also a very patient teacher and does not intimidate whatsoever. I felt very comfortable but was pushed just enough to also take me out of my comfort zone. I look forward to taking her class again! “. ~ Heidi,  Athleta Assistant Manager, Coral Gables

“I just took Ivette’s Yogaworks Basics class at Yoga That, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end! I loved her flow, her style and her unique alignment techniques – I loved her hint of Iyengar too! Her class had the perfect energy and synchrony of poses. To me it was what I needed that Friday night, leaving full of relaxed and rejuvenating energy. Thank you Ivette!” ~ Gisella, Advertizing, Miami

“Ivette’s class was fantastic! I practice yoga every now and then when work allows it, so every time I come back I feel like a newbie. Ivette made us feel welcome and she was very sweet and understanding about not all of us being experts at yoga. Also, she was helpful and observing while she was teaching, making sure we were doing everything the right way. I didn’t feel pressured or intimidated. I was able to relax 100% and let my mind disconnect from the outside world. I would definitely recommend her class and look forward to attend again.” ~ Sophie, Admin, Coconut Grove

“Yoga has been proven to change lives. Partnering with a devoted teacher who has used Yoga to change her own life and is fully committed to serving others thru this marvel of a practice is a gift you owe yourself.”  ~ Jules, Passion Starter Life & Biz Design Agent  www.julissafernandez.com, Pembroke Pines