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Yoga comes out of an oral tradition in which the teaching was transmitted directly from teacher to student.

One-on-One yoga is preferable for clients who don’t like large classes, want a custom yoga fitness plan, or simply need more attention in their practice. I love my group classes, but one on one or private classes is the key to taking your yoga practice to the next level. Whether it is to deepen it, work on a particular injury or fitness goal, nothing beats your own customized yoga class.

A Yoga Program Just for YOU

I create a program or sequence of yoga asanas based on your particular goals. Whether your goal is just to go as deep as possible into one asana, whether you are interested in a particular family of postures (e.g. backbends, twists) or whether you are interested in focusing on a particular part of the body (e.g. abs, shoulders) I will give you selected warm-ups, demonstration and instruction to take you deeper into your body and mind and to take you further along the journey to your goals.

When I am working with you one-on-one I evaluate you as to where you are right now in closing in on your goals – on ability to stretch, balance etc. Together we will investigate what sequence, styles and how your body responds to each technique because you are unique.

My Experience Is All For YOU

I bring to you over fifteen years of my own personal practice, continuous self study/training and a keen idea on how these marvelous bodies of ours work. I am rooted in the Yogaworks and Hatha yoga traditions. The Yogaworks method builds proper alignment, flexibility, strength, stamina and balance. With a minor in Nutrition, I can aid you in living a cleaner lifestyle (e.g. custom meal plans/fitness program) to help you reach/sustain your ideal weight and fitness goals; having a balanced ‘Zen’ approach to living.

Private Custom Programs Include:

* Yoga for Cancer 

* ivetteyoga4weightloss

* Yoga for Endometriosis/Menstrual Relief 

* Yoga for Alignment 

* Prenatal Yoga

* Yoga for Overall Balance

* Yoga en Español 


Privates are held at the Marquis Downtown 
 or at the students home or office Privates are by appointment only.

Your Yoga – Your Practice – Your Time!